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Citizen Camera Co-operative.
All work by Bam Stowe and Hanna Adcock 
Mekong River Commission
Media Training 

2018 - ongoing 

World Bank funded consultancy and training contract to evaluate the use of documentary film, videography and social media for the environmental NGO MRC and partner organisations in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

Teaching emergent communication techniques in documentary film making and promotional media usage

to generate audience interaction via local and international news stations, competitions and social media.

video exchange FINAL
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SOS Sumatran Orangutan Society 


The media content from the project was utilised across a range of social media platforms, including BBC news, AJ+ style edits, news edits for SKY and promotional films produced reflecting the differing emergent ways digital communication is vital for News and NGO media campaigns.   To see all educational films go to:

Palm Oil Eviction - Fighting for Survival (updated credits)
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Creating educational films for UK schools tour and in Sumatra training staff in documentary practices and gathering distribution content for international media campaigns. 

behind the lens.JPG
Cultural Survival – Guatemala
“Behind the lens educational project"


Setting up a documentary news multimedia station and radio networks for the indigenous Mayan people. Training NGO staff and communities in documentary film, photography, film editing and radio broadcast. Delivering all aspects of the technical training and delivering workshops on humanitarian representation and methods for outputting to social media platforms and news stations online.

These projects require a sustained and dynamic social media campaign to raise awareness of the issues. Participants were taught to use social media platforms and generate documentary b-roll’s and media content and communication strategies to work with and supply content to international broadcast outlets (CNN, BBC). 

Sabina House School
and Orphanage, Uganda 

2009 - on-going


Citizen camera set up training centers in Uganda in 2009 working with the NGO’s Children of Uganda and Narrow Road.

Training the children using film and photography. 

We continue to consult and advise on the programme. 

To see some of the work produced by the children go to:

Reference letter from MRC Project
Reference letter from Sabina house Project

Please use the link below to download and read reference letter and project review for the MRC project. 

Download reference letter

Please use the link below to download and read reference letter and project review for the Sabina house project. 

Download reference letter


Citizen Camera is a media empowerment co-operative.  Charities and clients include Sabina House, Narrow Road, Children of Uganda, MRC, SOS Orangutan and Cultural Survival. At Citizen Camera we manage client relationships, educational training programmes, conducts media workshops and provides film, documentary, journalism, radio and media training for humanitarian and advocacy projects.  

Running specialised workshops and training for community members, children, NGO staff and volunteers.  These workshops examine and demonstrate the methodology, creation and delivery of media content across the range of web-based platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). The workshops also develop the participants' knowledge and skills to produce media content for film festivals e.g. press packs, press releases and media assets. Also, exploring various forms of communication techniques required to promote their stories to the widest audiences via the various news and broadcast platforms. 


At Citizen Camera we believe its the story told and made by those that live them,

portrays a truth, that is beyond how outsider-creators can depict it. 

For more information please go to:


Tel: +44 (0) 7407 314 356
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