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Multimedia in Aweland
Mae Tao Clinic - Burma
Mae Tao Clinic - Burma


The Mae Tao Clinic (MTC)CBO), which has been providing primary healthcare service and protection to community from Burma/Myanmar in Western Thailand since 1989 who fled the genocide.  

Mae Tao Clinic on the Burma/Thai border
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Being Hijar
Being Hijra - Transgender in Bangladesh 


Being Hijra (transgender in Bangladesh)
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Multimedia documentary films about a Bangladeshi transgender woman. Screened on CNN and LINK TV USA.

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Awe Land Films 

2010 - 2020

To see more multimedia documentary films please visit my co-operative film website Awe land films:  



I started my career in the world of visual story telling in the late 90’s, using a 35mm camera, loading films into it, pointing and clicking one frame at a time, so worried about wasting 1 shot, such was the precious nature of using celluloid. By the turn of the new century, I was digitally shooting hundreds of pictures in a heartbeat. I have taken my stills-based-skills into the multimedia and film works I have created. Trying to capture stories within a single frame that will fit to the picture that came before and will proceed it. This style of aesthetic single cell narrative has been my passion and I have tried to incorporate this methodology for story telling into all my works. 

The stories, themes and meaning should-be transmitted with equal ferocity on each image or moment we create.   


Tel: +44 (0) 7407 314 356
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